5 Ways to get your Team to Adopt Video Conferencing

A few holdouts can really hurt video conferencing adoption in an organization… these tips are very helpful.


We have all read the many articles about why it is so important that we adopt unified communications and collaboration and how Millennials will be paving the road to a more remote workforce.

So now you’ve made the decision to purchase a UCC solution and you’ve made sure every employee has access to video. But why is no one using it? Isn’t that what they want, the freedom to be at home or a coffee shop while still being able to work productively with their virtual teams?

In fact, I recently saw a coworker with tape over the camera on her laptop and another co-worker who had the camera on his desktop phone pointed towards the ceiling. So I had to ask, “Why?” and the response is something we are all familiar with, “I don’t want my camera to accidentally turn on while in a WebEx meeting and have…

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