PORTS in California State Parks North Coast Redwoods District

PORTS is a free program run by CA State Parks… Park Rangers use video conferencing to connect State Parks with classrooms.    Pt. Lobos is latest park to connect!


Dive into the giant kelp forests of Point Lobos State Marine Reserve and learn about this amazing habitat and its history of protection!  Students will explore the forest’s amazing seasonal lifecycle and its critical role in the overall health of the marine reserve ecosystem. Students will learn how a unique history of marine protection over the last 60 years has made Point Lobos State Marine Reserve a premier example of the healthy giant kelp forest ecosystem in California and the world. Programs will begin in February so start scheduling now!

PORTS is a free distance learning program that uses the power of interactive videoconferencing to help K-12 schools teach common core state standards in the context of California State Parks.

PORTS Programs include:

Fully developed units of study to prepare and assess learning.
 Live, interactive videoconference presentations on science, history, language arts and other academic topics.

PORTS bridges the socio-economic gap in California’s educational system by providing meaningful interactions – regardless of race, economic status or location.